Tiny Island




If you are a Blues/Rock fan, do yourself a favor and check-out Murry Woods & Tangled Blue. Pouring with talent, Murry has been playing guitar since age ten. Touring with top 40 rock bands, playing acoustic duo's and later teaming up with Jr Medlow (Cobras), he has shared the stage with some great musicians such as Albert Collins, Delbert Mc Clinton, Roomful of Blues, Gatemouth Brown, Firefall, Christopher Cross to name a few.
This is great music!  Murry holds a degree in music, which may or may not add to his delivery of perfection. Either way blues is something you feel. That sound you pull from deep within your soul and make every listener feel it.  This is exactly the kind of music Murry Woods & Tangled Blue deliver.  Listeners can expect to be drawn into the music.
Mr. Woods has a voice that is both soothing and provocative. An exceptional guitarist as well.
Music that inspires; understanding, empathy and emotion.  An amazing reminder of how much one can love great music. Some music just grabs you by the heart, and that is what this music does.
I couldn't help notice how much this music reminds me of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Being a huge fan then and now, this was an incredible experience.
Murry Woods & Tangled Blue creates a soul warming experience for all who listen. It is the kind of sound that reflects an age-old history of pure entertainment. Proof that blues is still alive as ever, and will be for a long time to come.  Quality, Blues/Rock that is not just played-out, but created. Music that can only be created by putting your heart and soul into every song.



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