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Well here I am again (large fanfare and cheers).  I've been invited back by KlubKat to do a CD review.     
   Arrggghhh!  Wot!  A CD review??  Yup a CD review.


Now it has to be said that doing CD reviews is always more difficult than reviewing a band that one has seen 'live' as opposed to dead but then you know what I mean as you're already hardened review readers. 

Today on the agenda we have Murry Woods & Tangled Blue, a powerful blues/rock band from across the pond.  They very kindly sent us their latest promotional CD all the way from the Lone Star State which is of course Texas.  Murry earned a music degree from the Texas Tech University and has been playing his guitar for over thirty years now.  The stomping ground for the band is primarily in Texas with a bias for Austin where the band is based and considering Texas is at least twice the size of the UK that's quite a good patch.

Their CD has many influences from other quarters, most noted in my opinion would be a Roy Buchanan feel to the tracks, but that is of no detriment to the band which delivers the goods in a very professional way.  I liked the second track best, 'Half a Man', which is a perfect number to sit down and relax to a beer or three, reflecting on the days work, and thinking about the women you want to chase next time you're at the bar.  Maybe even the women who chased you last time you were at the bar.

It is alleged that the band will keep people off their chairs and dancing all night long which is entirely probable but I can't say it's true unless someone gives me a million bucks to visit Texas and see for myself.  Donations please to the KlubKat address.  You have an opportunity to judge the tracks for yourself on the Murry Woods & Tangled Blue website which is http://www.murrywoods.com personally I enjoyed the CD immensely and my only real complaint is that it was too short, come on fellas we want to hear more


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